Friday, June 25, 2010

slippery when wet


yesterday morning, i went to steffy's house and the door was open, so i just walked in. i was walking through the foyer, to the stairs, and steffy's mom walks by. i was like, "uh, hi mrs. ______." and, i ran upstairs before she could ask me how i got in. of course, i nearly fell up the stairs. yes, up. i ran into steffy's room and raped her. then, we headed down to the pool {i was wearing my bathing suit under my clothes}. there were a lot of people there and i was kind of overwhelmed. i felt out of place O_O there was a guy who kept on staring at me when steffy and i walked by so i jumped into the pool right next to him. we started talking and i ended up laying on him. steffy met a cute 'adam lambert-esque' kid. i think his name was michael. i don't remember. she'll happily tell you in her next post. after that, we walked back to her house and got our bikes {i keep mine at her house}. we rode them to evey's house where we picked her up and rode our bikes to the ice cream shop. papa's ice cream, trick. it's super, super good.

i'm planning on going shopping soon and i will discuss my finds.


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