Wednesday, June 23, 2010

about stefani


welcome to the fashion suicide. this is my first official blog post before i go out to loiter on the streets of downtown warwick, rhode island.
who am i? i usually don't explain myself too often. i'm stefani. my friends and even my enemies call me steffy. i don't have a last name. well i do, but thats my information to share.
i grew up on the outskirts of warwick with a sister who is ten years older than me and a brother who is six. my parents are rich republicans who try to control my every move. nothing new there.
piano and music and writing and fashion are my four creative outlets. i've been through a lot which has shapped me as a person. i am a weird freak at my school, alongside my only friend who actually goes to my school, christelle. she and i have known each other for decades.
at school, i dont belong. im called cruel things. its ironic, really, that my parents gave me the same name as my inspiration, lady gaga. and i'm a singer and pianist as well. so the bitches at my school call me "mini gaga" of course.
i break rules and laws. im the girl that wears four inch stilettos to school while girls my age wear vans. my mother is a bit of a crazy drunk who doesn't pay attention. my dad never has.
my sister is a bitch, honestly. she acts like she is too good for the rest of us, making her workings as a college professor married to a doctor. my brother is still in school to be an engineer.
my nails are always painted black and i always wear about a billion large rings on each hand. i have an obsession with crosses. my college friend, evey, knew a guy who knew a guy and got me a few tattoos. i have a cross on my left wrist, the word "monster" on my right wrist, a quote on my upper arm of the left side. on my right hip i have a peace sign and a pin up girl on the right side of my upper body. she looks like me and she is holding a mask. also a koi fish on my right foot.
i believe in wearing tons of bracelets on each arm and clusters of cross and pearl necklaces and pearl studs in my ears.
i have slightly curly brown hair and brown eyes, fairly tan skin since im 5O% italian and 5O% portuguese. i do drink and do some crazy-ass shit. i can't help it. thats me.

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