Thursday, June 24, 2010

about christelle


second post of the fashion suicide.
salut, i am christelle of warwick, rhode island. i am seventeen, half french and half irish, and i tell it how it is.

few people call me chrissy but i will respond to it. i am currently residing in my hometown of warwick, rhode island and i will with my parents and my siblings. i have a younger brother, fourteen, and a younger sister, twelve. i am kind of the oddball of the family, if you chose to put it that way. i don't like taylor swift like my younger sister, i am not an athletic person like my brother, and i am not the star student like my parents want me to be. i like queen {all hail freddie mercury}, i play guitar religously, and i like to spend my days at thrift stores, not studying.

i have an acoutstic fender and a vintage electric rickenbacker. i am sort of a wild child and don't follow the rules but i am a sweet person... sometimes. my little sister is an a+ student and she is a total cookie-cutter kid. my brother is a jock who enjoys making perverted comments about my best friend, steffy, who he has a huge crush on. my father works in insurance and my mom is an interior designer {she thinks she's some big name, but no one really likes her shit}.

i want to get some tattoos when i'm a little older but my parents would utterly disown me at this point and i'm jobless so... i am the type of girl to pair a pearl necklace with my signature black oxfords. i'm a straight vegetarian {except for fish, but shush!} and i'm a huge animal person. i have curly hair and naturally mousey hair, but i change the color a lot. i'm kind of pale, which i don't like too much but i would never go tanning. i'm an okay whore, but you know you love me.


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