Thursday, June 24, 2010

about the people we blog about

well, we do want you all too know about the people we blog about. these are the main people in our lives. and these are their stories.

-the girl on the right- cady, born arcadia, is a warwick native. she used to be steffy's friend back in middle school. but then, once they got to high school, cady grew embarassed of her friend, and ditched her for missy. cady is pretty snotty to people she doesn't like. she makes fun of you in front of you and she talks shit about you. she is tiny, very tiny, 5'1" but she will kick your ass. she is fluent in spanish since she has a large mexican family and she enjoys listening in to others speaking in spanish. she can be nice... if she likes you. if only.

-the girl on the right- evey. she is three years older than stefani and christelle, making her 2O. she is a badass college student, attending a rhode island university only 3O minutes away from warwick. she is our closest friend, though she doesn't go to our school. she comes to visit us often. when she isn't at school, she makes home with her parents. she knows cool people. she actually used to intern at a tattoo parlor. her family isn't very wealthy and she grew up working on her father's farm. she is full portuguese and she was actually born there. she used to dislike stefani because she didn't know her but then they met and instantly bonded. christelle liked her too. the three became fast friends.

isla, who is generally nice, can be a bit of a, well, bitch. she comes from a highly wealthy family. and i mean highly wealthy. she hates disappointing people and she thinks she is a failure whenever she makes mistakes. she aspires to be as perfect as a human being can be. she is highly annoying, always bitching about some small thing, and she is really bossy. she wants you to do what she wants you to, otherwise, she gets pissed. she thinks highly of herself and she expects everyone else to as well. she hangs out with cady, missy, katherine, and ray, aka the bitch girl clique.

katherine. whats to say about her? she is a bitch. she lies about almost everything. but the thing is, the lies aren't even believable. it is obvious when she lies though in her head, she stays oblivious to the obviousness. katherine's favorite pass time is talking about katherine and talking shit about everyone else. she absolutely adores herself and she can be very... well, frusterating. she absolutely hates stefani and she blames her for christelle's "loser" sterotype.

missy. she has always disliked stefani. she used to be fat in elementry and middle school but in high school, she lost all her weight. she has always had a tendancy to talk shit about others just so she wouldn't have to see her own problems. she is nice to your face, but a bitch behind your back. she is very closed minded and she is a pothead. she is always high and she loves smoking. she acts like she has all the money in the world, when in reality, she doesn't. her family is known to be in a bit of the poor side of warwick. but nobody except cady really knows that. at least, thats what she thinks.

-the girl on the right- ray. she is actually fairly nice. the nicest of the bitch clique. some people even question why she is in there anywho. maybe its because of her parents high social status. or maybe cause she has amazing fashion sense and a very beautiful face. i guess we'll never know. she hates admiting her flaws though and she is very stubborn. she does what she wants and she doesn't let anyone, except maybe isla, boss her around. she also is a bit of a whore at school. she adores her title too. she just... eggs everyone on, even spreading rumors about herself that aren't true.

yasmin. she is stefani and christelle's closest friend at school. she actually is very nice. she likes to hang with stef and chrissy but she has always been close to the bitchy clique. she hangs with them a lot too. she was actually steffy's best friend in third grade and in middle school but chrissy pushed them apart slightly. yasmin is half asian, but she pushes on it a lot. she brags about her

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